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Make your smartphone even smarter with these 5 exotic accessories

The modern smartphones come loaded with excellent functionalities and capacities and it has made the shoppers expect even more advanced features. However, no Smartphone manufacturer can squeeze all the functionalities into a single phone. Apps can add several features to your phone but certain features require hardware- like better zoom. Thankfully there are specific accessories that can help you add more efficiency and additional functionality to your smartphones. In this blog we are going to present 5 such awesome accessories:


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5 secret ways to make your Android device more friendly

Due to their utility, affordability and versatile approach the android devices have already claimed a major portion of the market. Along with the basic functions like making or receiving calls, browsing and setting alarms, you can even use your Android phone as an efficient assistant for various business tasks, creating or watching awesome media, entertainment purposes, etc. – thanks to a large array of apps. But did you know that your android device also have some specific functionality options that are less popular but they can save a huge amount of time and effort?

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6 best ways to get lucky during flash sales

Flash sales are the preferable way for the top-selling brands that launch a limited inventory. Their flash sales are highly awaited and in a matter of minutes, the entire inventory is sold out. Flash sales are also seen as a marketing gimmick by many. However, what concerns you the most is how to get lucky while chasing your favorite model at flash sales. In this guide, we are going to present the handy and practical tips that can help you to successfully close the deal during flash sales


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How to buy excellent mobile models at most economical prices?

It is a great experience to possess the finest mobile models with excellent features and awesome design. However, it is not uncommon to end up paying more for the model that was selling at a lower price elsewhere. Likewise, you might get a mobile that offers a substandard performance in the long run. So, there are several tips to buy a mobile that we are going to share with you to ensure that you should get the best mobile at the friendly prices:

Buy from online stores
Many people tend to buy phones from their local mobile shops- especially when they are shopping for an expensive model.

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5 best and proven security apps to save your android phone from malware


With the increasing number of mobile security threats it has become vitally important to safeguard your mobile against malware. The malicious elements can inject viruses and other types of malware to misuse your identity for initiating fake communication or extracting your sensitive information. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the best practices to safeguard your crucial data and messages. In this blog we would present some of the best security apps that would protect your mobile against activities of such malicious elements,

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5 Accessories that every serious smartphone user must invest in




During recent years, smartphones have evolved significantly and have added several sophisticated features that have elevated their appeal as a feature-rich gadget that can be used for camera, video recording, creating documents and various other tasks. With the help of some additional accessories you can further enhance the value-added appeal of your smartphone. Here are a few of them worth investing in

 Monopod, Selfie Stick, Portrait, Selfie

Selfie Stick

Selfies is ubiquitous across the globe but taking a good selfie is not as easy as it might sound to be,

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Best practices to safeguard your smartphone against damages

The mobile phones are extensively used gadgets that also makes it prone to rough and tough usage. While it is not always possible to offer utmost care to your mobile, you certainly need to be reasonably cautious to enjoy the best value and high durability. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important tips to protect your phone from damages:

Using a good mobile case
A good quality mobile case can play a vital role in protecting it against breakage or scratches.

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The quick and compact list of apps to make your festive season more rewarding

As we are ready to enter the new year, there are more than one reason to celebrate. The Christmas is around the corner and after that the new year would follow. You can also expect some holidays to enjoy the best moments with your friends and families. You would be busy with different preparations and your true companion- the smartphone can actively help you to make this season al the more rewarding by making things easier with its friendly apps that will allow you to send personalized greeting cards,

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How to buy iPhone at more economical prices?

iPhone commands an air of exclusivity due to its luxurious looks, high-end built quality, friendly UI and enhanced security. The only limiting factor is the price. Apple iPhones are very expensive and possessing one would require you to pay a significant amount which is not possible for all. So, if you want to buy an iPhone but are restricted by the budget constraints then you have landed on the right page. In this guide we will offer you some practical tips to buy an iPhone at much lower costs:

Go for lower RAM and modest capacity
The iPhones with high capacity and more features tend to be very expensive.

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How to get the best price for your mobile?

The mobile sector is evolving at a very fast pace. The new models are announced so frequently that even the middle-class mobile fans simply cannot resist themselves from changing or upgrading their models every year. Many shoppers sell their old phones before buying the new one as it allows them to earn a decent price on their old phone models. Here is a carefully prepared guide that will help you to sell your phone at the best possible prices:


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