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Tukzer 10000 mAh: A fairly good powerbank at a fair price tag



The mobile has emerged as a single device for all your diverse needs- right from calling your friends and families to buying the products online or even working with various documents. This heavy usage has necessitated the requirement of on the go charging capacity and power banks are the perfect solution for you. In the last few years, many new power banks have been introduced in the Indian market and one of the latest power banks is Tucker 10000mAh power bank.

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Branded Power Banks in India under Rs.700

While traveling you need your Smartphone to remain in touch with your contacts for various personal or professional reasons but what would you do if your battery is drained out and you don’t have access to charging? You would certainly not want to miss the important calls just because your phone’s battery is drained out. Powerbank offers a precise solution to this situation. It is a portable power storage gadget that can be used to charge your mobile while on the go.

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Stuffcool 10,000mAh Power Bank- Extreme power in a compact size


Stuffcool 10,000mAh Power Bank is a BIS-certified compact power-packed solution that can multiply the battery life of your favorite iPhone or Android device.

Currently the device is being sold by the reputed online marketplace and is available in two different shades- White and Black.

It is worth mentioning that StuffCool packs 2A USB output (maximum) that is twice the capacity of regular 1A charging devices- and it is the key reason behind Stuffcool’s extra capabilities.

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