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Plantronics BackBeat Go 2: A fairly good Bluetooth headset with user-friendly features

Plantronics is one of the trusted brands that offer quality headsets to the buyers with some user-friendly features along with good sound quality. One of the popular models launched by the brand is BackBeat Go 2 which is a sturdy Bluetooth headset with excellent features and thoughtful design. Let us see how it fares on different aspects:


Plantronics comes with the strong provision and friendly design that does a fairly good job to snug the earpiece well into your ears and secure them well.

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Best smartphones to buy under Rs.8,000 in 2020


The ever-increasing popularity of smartphones has resulted in heavy competition and today you can get some excellent models at the unbelievably low prices. However, you need to be cautious while choosing the right phone for you as you would certainly not like to buy a phone that looks great on paper but fails to perform in real life. So we have prepared a list of best smartphones under Rs.7, 000 that offers you a good overall experience:

Image result for Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A
The 5.45” screen display has HD+ quality which is fairly good but at times it may feel a bit dim.

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Best must-buy phones for social media fans


Social media platforms have constantly been experiencing extensive growth and with the advent of new platforms and applications like snap chat, Instagram and interest (along with major names like FB, Linkedin, and Twitter), have further boosted its progress. One of the major concerns of the ardent social media fans is to remain always connected with their favorite social media platform and the best answer is mobile phones. With a mobile phone, you can carry your social media platform in your pocket.

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Realme X2 Pro to be launched on 20th November

Realme- one of the leading Chinese mobile brands has brought a new model X2 Pro which is a value-based model for the Indian shoppers who are looking for a reasonably priced model that fits the budget and offers a fairly good experience. The phone sports a Snapdragon 665 processor and a 48MP quad-camera on the rear. It is scheduled to launch tomorrow, i.e., 20th November 2019.

While it is not yet confirmed, the company is most likely to add other media features to make it appealing to users like macro,

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Thanks to the latest mobile accessories and gadgets now it has been possible to turn your car into a powerful tech-hub to take your Smartphone capabilities to the next level. Along with offering you a quick help during tricky situations, these accessories also allow you to take the fun quotient of your Smartphone to the next level. So, let’s have a look at 5 best accessories that any Smartphone owner should have in his car:


Car Charger



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Stuffcool 10,000mAh Power Bank- Extreme power in a compact size


Stuffcool 10,000mAh Power Bank is a BIS-certified compact power-packed solution that can multiply the battery life of your favorite iPhone or Android device.

Currently the device is being sold by the reputed online marketplace and is available in two different shades- White and Black.

It is worth mentioning that StuffCool packs 2A USB output (maximum) that is twice the capacity of regular 1A charging devices- and it is the key reason behind Stuffcool’s extra capabilities.

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Unthinkable ways in which your WhatsApp can be hacked


The recent news on the Whatsapp spying incident has alarmed the Indian users. It has also put a question mark on the the app’s capability of safeguarding the users’ privacy and messages. In this blog, we are going to bust some more myths about WhatsApp safety and also offer some health advice on how to safeguard your sensitive data:


Today several apps make it easy to spy on your mobile,

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Best practices to safeguard your smartphone against damages

The mobile phones are extensively used gadgets that also makes it prone to rough and tough usage. While it is not always possible to offer utmost care to your mobile, you certainly need to be reasonably cautious to enjoy the best value and high durability. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important tips to protect your phone from damages:

Using a good mobile case
A good quality mobile case can play a vital role in protecting it against breakage or scratches.

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5 awesome things you can do with your Paytm today

Paytm is one of the most widely used payment apps of India and it offers several advantages. However, many users are still unaware of the real capabilities of Paytm due to the limited knowledge about the app. We re going to present a carefully compiled of the unique functions and hidden capacities of Paytm that can significantly enrich your experience:


A new way to pay through Paytm QR code 

Have you ever wondered how you could pay someone through Paytm QR Codes if there is no way to physically scan them?

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Another bad player on PlayStore: CamScanner finally speaks up after being removed due to Trojan Dropper Malware

CamScanner is a popular android app that enables you to scan the document through your phone camera and is widely used by the professionals for its reliable services and advanced features like easier options for scanning multiple pages, quality improvement, and smart photo cropping.


The alerting signs
However, the uncommon features started attracting the negative reviews that alerted the digital security organizations like Kapersky who were quick and sharp enough to dive deeper into the matter.

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