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WhatsApp introduces some useful updates for iPhone users

The iPhone users of Whatsapp will soon get a new, friendly array of features as the app is all set to update its present interface. It will improve the UI and will also add more utility features.

WhatsApp is all poised to introduce the new updates that will add some user-friendly features and further enhance the accessibility. The chat screen interface will be optimized for better chat experience, and users would also get an option to receive a WhatsApp call while they are already engaged with an ongoing call For fighting spam more effectively the app has also introduced group privacy settings.

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Unthinkable ways in which your WhatsApp can be hacked


The recent news on the Whatsapp spying incident has alarmed the Indian users. It has also put a question mark on the the app’s capability of safeguarding the users’ privacy and messages. In this blog, we are going to bust some more myths about WhatsApp safety and also offer some health advice on how to safeguard your sensitive data:


Today several apps make it easy to spy on your mobile,

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With over 1 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular chat platform around the world. These 5 new features will come soon on WhatsApp, make your chatting and even fun. So here are 5 new features that are coming to WhatsApp pretty soon.

1. WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature

The iOS version of WhatsApp already brings support for locking the app with a fingerprint or Face ID on newer iPhones,

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